About JJProFX

About JJPRO Limited

We are very pleased to welcome you to one of the world’s leading financial service providing platform, JJPROFX. We truly believe that the information that you can access from this website will provide you with a broad overview of our wide range of FX trading services. JJPRO Limited, also known as JJProFX, was founded by financial market veterans whom is experienced with Forex Investment, Forex Binary Options and Stock Market Shares and is ready to offer online traders direct access to the true world of Foreign Exchange Investment.

Our main mission is to offer world class services to traders from all around the world, helping them to have great opportunities in increasing their income, improving their lifestyle in our current global condition that is full of storms. Our services are dedicated for the small to medium sized trader who lingering in the FX market for consistent profit. Our group includes Professional Investors such as Fund Managers, Investment Consultants as well as high net worth investors as our background supporters. As a professional FX brokers, JJProFX provides consistent liquidity to all client base via top tier liquidity providers.

JJPROFX is ready to offers not just 24-hours stable investment platform, but also competitive spreads, minimal commission and also our world famous online trading platforms. JJProFX Investment has gained a strong position in the online trading arena and has more than 12,000 clients within 6 months of its unofficial launch of business. Currently JJProFX’s client base has expanded more than 5 countries worldwide. Our international profile and experience forms the basis of our activities that can be concisely described as follows:

Great Fund Management Services with consistent ROI

Competitive Pricing

Highly efficient trade execution

24 Hours per Day, 5 Days per Week

Whether you wish to trade on your own, following the trading signals from our master or getting fund management services from our well known Fund Managers, JJPROFX is ready to provide you with world class services!

JJProFX is definitely the right platform for traders and investors who appreciate the true values of dedicated services combined with cutting-edge technologies. Other than that, JJProFX has representatives and supporting branches across multiple countries in South East Asia, allowing a large number of clients to be able of enjoying the advantages of our comprehensive services every day without interruption.

It is also our sincerest hope that our client would choose to benefit from self-trading experience via our education facilities, but we are also ready to provide hassle-free services to client who are too busy to learn all the complex theories and knowledge of Forex investment.

At JJProFX, we take our clients as our partners; duplicating success among our partners is our life long mission as it doubles the joy when we can bring success to everyone that comes to us. We strive to improve our trading business around the world and to help each of our clients meet their specific goals.